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4.5 Pearl Perimeter Veil - Two Tier

Sale price$990.00 AUD

A refined and traditional bridal tulle veil with hand embellished pearls.

This veil is secured to the crown of the head with a comb attachment. The 70cm front tier to be worn gently draped over the face or turned back over the comb to fall at the back. Pearl beads are carefully spaced and hand sewn to the perimeter of the veil. 

Images by Liz Looker of Lucy in the 1.6 Natural Gown and a 300cm Two Tier Pearl Perimeter Veil in Natural.

Veil Selection Guide

There are a few things to consider when selecting a veil, the information below may help clarify any questions about the process. 

The Natural Tulle is a neutral soft white shade and tends to blend easily with most colours. The Ivory Tulle has a creamier tone and is slightly better suited to warmer shades.

Because tulle is so fine, the difference between the colours is actually quite subtle when worn so you will likely get away with either shade, however if you are unsure we suggest opting for the Natural colour way.

Pictured: Natural on the left. Ivory on the right.


The lengths provided are from the comb to the end of veil. How far the veils trails behind you depends on your height (with shoes) and where you choose to position the comb. The length you select often depends on where you would like the veil to finish in relation to your gown.

60 cm can be called Elbow or Waist Length

100cm is also called Fingertip Length

120cm can be known as Knee or Ballet Length

200cm can be called Sweeping or Floor Length

250cm is Chapel Length

300cm is Cathedral Length

Pictured: 300cm on the left. 250cm on the right.


A one tier veil has a length of tulle that is gathered onto the comb and flows down the back.

Two tier veils have a front tier and a back tier. The front tier is also know as a blusher and can be draped over the face whilst the rest of the veil flows from the secured comb down the back. The front tier can also be turned back over the comb so it sits at the back.

All length options provided for two tier veils are for the back tier (the length of tulle from the comb to the back edge of the veil). The length of tulle from the comb to the front edge of the veil is in addition to this and is our standard 70cm front tier length.

Pictured: Two Tier veil on the left. One Tier veil on the right.