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print series

In collaboration with Liz Looker, we are thrilled to present a series of photographic stills from our years of work together.

Featuring photographs from our Sonnet XVII, Grace & Les Etoiles collection photoshoots, available as unframed A3 prints on a rich 300gsm art quality paper. *Please allow 1-3 weeks for these works to be individually printed


When my sister had her second child I created an artwork that signified her life and experience as a mother. Cherries became a symbol to me that was able to represent these important moments and sparked the idea for this series. 

In my bedroom as a gentle reminder, I have Solitude & Quartet, which represent myself as an individual and also my place in a family of four. The placement of the cherries in each series is a symbolic layer; where are they, at which time... close, attached or in space. 

I hope these works resonate with you too.