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All of our pieces are designed from a feeling.

It is our hope that in our pieces, you feel beautiful and comfortable but also that you feel like yourself.

Simultaneously, our impact on the earth is at the forefront. Asking how we can reduce our footprint throughout every practice and offer an ethically made, sustainable alternative to garment production.

Here are some of the ways we are working toward being a more sustainable business


Our made to order business model minimises waste and ensures we do not contribute to over production and landfill. This also allows us to provide an inclusive size range of 6-22 (AU) and price our pieces as fairly as possible.

We maintain a strong relationship with our makers, who consistently deliver to a high standard and quality finish.


Tucked away in the leafy streets of North Fremantle, Western Australia, our studio houses a tight knit team who share an aligned appreciation for thoughtful design.

Our team works closely with respected local manufacturers to produce pieces that are as conscious and purposeful as possible. Each Harriette Gordon piece is made with exceptional care, by hand, within a 15km radius of our studio, reducing the travel of each piece.


Our impact is considered throughout the complete process, starting with design, our pattern-making methods consider economical use of fabrics and embrace feature seam-lines to reduce fabric waste.

We have multiple ways we repurpose our remnant fabric pieces such as appliqués, bias bindings, garment linings. Our remnant pieces also impact the way we design new pieces.


Harriette Gordon garments are produced with premium silks sourced through trusted stockists.

You will notice a cohesive use of materials & trims carried throughout our collections. This is a conscious choice to eliminate material dead stock and maintain our season less design offering.

We pride ourselves on using premium silks and materials, choosing natural and ethical fabrics that feel divine on the body.

We avoid synthetic fasteners / trims wherever possible, favouring designs with bias cuts, self fastenings and locally produced buttons - however we feel it is important to acknowledge the lack of sustainable alternatives available in worldwide garment production, as synthetic buttons, zips, and fusings are the baseline of standard manufacturing and garment construction. 


Our studio avoids single use items wherever possible and opts for recycled alternatives to daily necessities, such as tissues, toilet paper & office supplies.

We are mindful of our consumption and recycling methods - the studio press being no exception, purchasing our distilled water in refillable drums.


All of our packaging is compostable and recyclable. We use cardboard boxes, compostable shipping bags, biodegradable pallet wrap and paper tape.


In 2022 - 2023 for each bridal piece purchased, we donated funds to cover the planting of trees in Nepal by local villagers.

Our pieces have contributed to over 11,000 planted trees.


In December 2023 for every Art & Print Series piece purchased all profits are being donated to Unicef to aid in the relief of the crisis in Gaza.