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Sonnet XVII


2.2 Satin Organza Mini2.2 Satin Organza Mini
1.1A Natural Gown1.1A Natural Gown
1.2 Natural Gown1.2 Natural Gown
3.5A Organza Blouse3.5A Organza Blouse
1.5 Natural Gown1.5 Natural Gown
1.6 Natural Gown1.6 Natural Gown
3.5B Backless Organza Blouse3.5B Backless Organza Blouse
3.6 Raw Silk Skirt3.6 Raw Silk Skirt
7.1 Detachable Bow Belt7.1 Detachable Bow Belt
7.2 Raw Silk Belt7.2 Raw Silk Belt


Our core collection, Sonnet XVII, inspired by and named after one of Pablo Neruda’s love poems. There is a real romanticism in this collection and a strong feeling of movement. Sometimes a piece was designed with a sketch and sometimes with draping on the mannequin and then visualising how will this flow with another piece from the collection. The pieces connect, following the notion of separates and pieces that can be worn and loved beyond the wedding day.

Music, poetry, art, film, places inspired these pieces and if this collection were a song it would be ‘Didn’t I’ by Darondo. 

Photographer Liz Looker

Hair & Makeup Tess De Grauw

Model Sophie Hansen-Knarhoi, IMG Models

Jewellery Penelope Brittain

Assistant Anna Lucinda Baxter

Props Assistant Gabrielle Scott

Location Princess Theatre


Sonnet XVII Collection Photoshoot. Video produced by Till Death